My HaPpY FaMiLy..

My HaPpY FaMiLy..

Sabtu, 25 Februari 2012


to my dearest friend,Nazihah

I would like to tell you that I proud to have you as my friend because you are very undersanable person I ever met..even you are playful in the class but you are smarter than me in time too..

I remember when you give me a huge teady bear last year..I am very thankful to you..when we fight,i think you are the most disobedient friend I ever know me well,right..even if you was naughty,I still think you as my good friend..  ^__^




But you must remember that I still consider you as my good friend even though you do not think like that but I still regard everything you say..even if we fight..we are friend to the end of life..INSYAALLAH..hope our friendship remains..

However,we still friends and thank you for accept me as your friend..thankz a lot..

4 ulasan:

Amirah Fisra berkata...


err, gamba tu mana dapat??

Ana Raihanah berkata...

untunglah... lawa gmbr kt ats uh.. ^____^

Nazihah berkata...

alhamdulillah larr...
time kasih larr...

nao ryuki berkata...

sejak bila curi snap ni ?


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