My HaPpY FaMiLy..

My HaPpY FaMiLy..

Isnin, 5 Disember 2011

DON'T BE SAD.. ^__^

assalamualaikum...ermm...ari nie agak x de bace jerkk larr k yang kat bawah niey..  ^__^ ..bace bukan sekadar bace..hayati skali k..  huhu...  ^___^

when i try to know your story
the day you were left by your family
that's your fate which happened
in your life
all your needs were lost
and will never come back...

you try to count all of your tears
your raise your voice to everybody
you wish to get help from the people
and then you can live as what they live

just have faith in ALLAH and no other
give me your hand lets make power
hold it now and don't let go

leave your pain and leave your tears
i will be around and never let your down
so we never want to lost one another
let's face the world to get better..

please be strong and don;t be weak
trust in ALLAH have no doubt in HIM
what you need and what you hope
only ALLAH can answer it all...

harap korang hayati daa bace tp x phm...gajin2 lerr bukak google translate k..huhu..or bace banyak2 kali ke..mesti paham nyer..  ^___^  ...makashi..  ^__^

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