My HaPpY FaMiLy..

My HaPpY FaMiLy..

Isnin, 12 November 2012

Saya Tahu Segala-galanya..

erm...salam semue...lame dah agaknyer x bukak blog nie..*jgn2 dah x de sape bkk blog nie*hoho..k la...same2 la kite bace luahan hati seseorang nie ea...

I knew it, I knew it
You seem to have changed these days
It keeps bothering me
I tried to just laugh it off
But I can’t

Since when was it
Were you really truthful
How can you do this to me
No wonder you’ve changed a lot these days
I didn’t even know, oh, and loved you only

I knew this would happen
When you said you were going to meet that guy
Why didn’t I stop you
I knew this would happen
The moment I saw an unknown phone number
Since then, I knew this would happen

I’m not being suspicious, you know how I feel, right?
It’s because I love you so much
So can I see you phone for a second?
I just need to check something
When did you change your password?
And why is your recent call list empty?
You foolishly erased it all, huh
You’re acting really strange, just tell me the truth
I’m starting to get a little mad

Why did you leave me
Did you get sick of me for being like this?
Why is your phone turned off?
When I have so much to tell you
I’ll go home after just listening to your voice

What did I do wrong?
When I think about it, I don’t think I did anything wrong
Tell me the truth
Even if you don’t, I actually already know
Okay, I will really stop now
Tell me if you really can’t bear it anymore
For real, I will say one last thing

That guy back then, no, that jerk is the one, right?
He was good looking but he didn’t seem reliable
Who are you to blame?
Your one fault would be being too nice
He must have known that I was your boyfriend
He must have looked down on me, that jerk
Don’t hang up, cause I have something to ask you hun
Um… somewhere around here is that jerk’s house, right?

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